A Slice of Fried Gold

The Weekend Edition

Monday, February 23, 2009

I'm starting to think I really don't need to preface these posts. I think by the mere fact that I'm not working, every weekend ends up being awesome and precisely what I want to be doing. Or at least it just seems like that. No less, this was another great weekend that was enriching to my mind, and to a far lesser degree, my body. What went down?

  • Cover letter business for Hannah at the Spenard Roadhouse with Amy
  • Rocking with Puma Town for the first time in a while (I am so bad now)
  • Out on town with the Crewnit
  • Having exactly enough time to do all the nothing I wanted to do
  • Discovering Chuck Klosterman
  • Cruising through a lot of new music (more on this tonight)
  • Jo Jo Jee Jo Jo back in town
  • Rocking the bball with Colver
  • Watching the Oscars (go Slumdog!)
The highlight of the weekend was definitely the return of my very good friend Joanne (very, very good friend) after a nearly five month jaunt in Europe. We met up Saturday night for dinner and then on Sunday for lunch and getting myself acquainted with CouchSurfing.com (more on this later probably too), and as per usual, we just fell into lock step with each other as if no time had passed at all.

With all kinds of people seemingly considering a move out of Alaska (all kinds!), having someone come back for once felt pretty nice. Especially given the fact that it sounds like Joanne will be back for a good while, I'm really glad I have another person to hang out with a good amount for the summer. After all, summer (or really all times) are better when shared with a good friend.

Of course, she did tell me that I was driving a girl car now, so maybe she isn't that good of a friend.


Ryan (The Asset) said...

1. You do drive a girl car

2. CouchSurfing is cool, we had a German guy that stayed with us. You will meet a lot of cool peeps if you do it!

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