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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Music Release of the Week: Battlestar Galactica: The Complete Series (Blu Ray)

If I posted anything besides this, I'd be a complete liar. While there are a few interesting album releases this week, Battlestar Galactica is my sweet, sweet baby. It's my favorite television series of all time, and today they are releasing the final half of a season, the full series on DVD, and the full series on Blu Ray. Amazon is chopping 40% off the Blu Ray price to bring it down to the expensive but entirely palatable price of $209.99, and if you haven't seen it and like good television, I will judge you for not purchasing it.

Not even kidding.

The entire series is brilliant, and is full of so many huge moments and stellar characters that you'll completely forget about the money you spent mid-way through the mini-series. Also, if anyone is looking for a Christmas present for me, I may already have the series in almost its entirety, but I don't have it on Blu Ray! Food for thought friends and family. Food for thought.


Troy Olson said...

Ugh, having to rebuy everything on Blu-Ray is going to put me in the poor house...must resist...

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