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Everybody Hurts, but Nobody was Hungry

Monday, February 4, 2008

Amy, myself, and Lacey around Halftime

As everyone on the planet now knows (97.5 million people watched the Super Bowl! Holy crap!) the Patriots lost in the Super Bowl to the New York Giants, but it wasn't for a lack of effort from myself and my group of friends. As you can see above, Amy and Lacey wore my jerseys once again and even gave into my insanity from time to time (Lacey rubbed Welker's numbers every time he made a catch...not in a weird way), but regardless of the positive juju we were throwing their way it still didn't work out.

As I expressed earlier, I am a sad panda, but thankfully because of our awesome food, I wasn't a hungry one in any way. Also, to clarify, there was absolutely no consumption of bamboo, thank god.

Lacey pretty much creating the Patriot

First and foremost, this Super Bowl party was also a pizza making party. We picked up dough and sauce from Moose's Tooth, and everyone had their very own concoctions to be made. First up? The Patriot, a creation of mine that was essentially Moose's Tooth's White Pizza, but with Chicken and Blue Crust. As you could guess, it was pretty delicious, however for some reason it was impervious to baking all the way on the bottom. This led to a very doughy rendition of delicious, but delicious no less.

Myself about to make the Maiden Voyage into the Patriot

The Patriot concept was of course based around making a red, white, and blue pizza for the Patriots colors (within itself a jinx because those are also the Giants colors), and this meant chicken, artichoke hearts, sun dried tomatoes, feta, mozzarella, and provolone, along with significant amounts of blue food coloring.

This is where I get into the fact that Lacey is a pizza genius. Her ability to toss and spin pizza dough puts her in the Mario brothers class of pizza creation. I'd like to see her family tree, because I guarantee you she has some serious Italian roots. She was a freak of nature, and if it weren't for the fact I'm pretty lazy, you'd have video proof of this.

But I am pretty lazy.

Amy with her amazing hat making her pizza

Up next was Amy, making her chicken pesto pizza, which was ridiculously delish. Its primary features were a pesto sauce, chicken, sun dried tomatoes, feta, mozzarella, and pine nuts. Pine nuts? Seriously? Seriously delicious I mean. That was one tasty pizza, and blew (blue?) my doughy (but delectable) dish out of the water. I'm going to go ahead and give her Super Bowl XLII (party) MVP. Go Amy!

Amy hovering over the Masterpizza

Past that, we had Colver making a Hawaiian pizza (with real chunks of Pineapple AND Bacon) and Jason making some sort of variation on a Hawaiian (with Mandarin Oranges, winning him outside the box topping of the day) pizza as well. Both were very delicious and will make a fine lunch/dinner for me throughout the week. Hurrah!

Brianna came in late and stormed the judge's table with her whole wheat crusted, chicken sausage and spinach pizza which was top notch in its own regards. But it couldn't stand up to Amy's pizza, which was pretty damn spectacular.

In the snack category, there is only one real contender for the MVP. Kim made her legendary Seven Layer Dip once again (although it only had six layers, as the attentive Jason pointed out) and it was loved by one and all as per usual. We started out with a ridiculously huge tray, and it was pretty much cleaned out by the time the place cleared out. That's a lot of dip.

So there you have it, Amy gets Best of Show: Pizza and Kim gets Best of Show: Snickity Snacks. Congrats to the winners! Also, thanks to Amy, Lacey, Colver, Lorna, Kim, Brianna, Hannah, Jason, Nick, and Sean for showing up. I appreciated your support, not to mention dealing with my always bizarre and borderline insane actions with a surprising amount of understanding. Thanks bunches.

Also, because I ruined the top picture with my "left eye that hates staying open" face, here is a picture that turned out way better of Amy and Lacey. Aren't I nice?

Amy (Brady) and Lacey (Welker)


gilbert said...

haha, I just assumed you were winking to the camera, being surrounded by pretty Patriots, after all.

Amy said...

That's funny... I actually am eating bamboo right now. It's that green curry from Thai Town. Yum!

Lace said...

David you are too kind with your outlandish compliments!!! I owe my pizza ability to the always remembered Pizza Platter in beautiful Tonka Bay, MN!!!

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