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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Powitanie czytniki! (That little nugget is "hello readers!" in Polish, as my little map to the right says that I apparently had a reader from Poland, and I am a man who caters to his readership).

Apparently the Writers Strike has finally ended, pending approval by the writers on Saturday, effectively neutralizing the pitiful semblance of a social life I currently have and making it back into what it was when TV was on before: non-existant. Perfect timing as well, as perhaps this means the writers can get cracking and finish up Battlestar Galactica season 4 so we can actually wrap it up with 20 consecutive episodes.

A boy can dream right?

No less, very cool for those that are TV addicts like me (so sad...I know) and terrible for those who are friends or family members of said addicts. Perhaps those who were addicted are less so because they discovered more rewarding things to do with their free time, such as exercising or reading?

Not likely.


Patty said...

It is over. An agreement signed and back to work for those boys with pens.

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