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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Tonight, Lacey gave me a task -- help her rewrite and reformat her resume and cover letter. Should be boring right? Very, very wrong. I was extremely excited in fact. I love writing those kinds of things, especially the cover letter portion. This is to be expected of course, as I am in fact very dorky and that is simply what I do. You know, very dorky things. It sort of pours out of my being filling whatever room I'm in at that time.

While I was still working on this project, Amy arrived to my place to watch Lost with Lacey and I. She came over to find out what we were doing, and of course had taken over the captain's chair within minutes and was running the show in the mass renovation of Lacey's cover letter. Soon we were debating on sentence structure, punctuation placement, and the allocation of the skills (skyllz?) we had developed. Point being? Amy + English = Huge Nerd. No big deal really, but it was extremely entertaining to see her doing her nerd thing, as most everyone has one. Some people quote movies, others read comics, some even quote movies, read comics, talk about tv show characters like they are real people, and discuss how great living in a zombie infested worlds would be.


She dorks out on prepositions (or a lack there of).

Regardless, when our nerd powers combined, we formed a pretty rocking writing duo. We managed to create what may be the single greatest cover letter ever made (in only an hour and 20 minutes!), and had a fantastic time while doing it.

The point is this. Need a cover letter written? Hire us out. For $25 a cover letter (to feed the coffee habit of course, as it is voluminous), we'll spin your tasks and enhance your skills with all of the marketing speak and PR jargon that paper can handle. The best cover letter you've ever had (seen? had.), or your money back! That's the guarantee you get from Haiku, Inc. -- the world's greatest privately owned cover letter writing company.


Raechelle said...

You're hired. Although I still haven't received my payment for your Christmas help, so we'll call it even.


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