A Slice of Fried Gold

The (Belated and Extended) Weekend Edition

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Have to get back on track with this bad boy, and after a long (and particularly awesome) weekend it was seemingly quite difficult to do so. What went down this past weekend?

  • Ballin' at the Park Strip with Colver (it's cool, we're just good enough at basketball to say ballin')
  • Playing some frisbee golf at Kincaid (my arm!)
  • Going out on the town with Amy, Jason, and Briana (fun and surprising evening)
  • Waking up really tired the next morning
  • Breakfast burritos with my sister at Middle Way Cafe (the apex of deliciousness)
  • Going to see the glory that is Up
  • Game 6 Cavs vs. Magic/Game 1 Red Wings vs. Penguins with Blaze Town
  • Having a goofy night with Joanne, Amy, and Jason featuring gold, PS's, milkshakes, pancakes, and Justin Timberlake...s
  • Productivity on Sunday! Yay!
  • Softball practice
  • Drinks with Amy and Joanne at Sullivan's
  • Jogging (it's a soft j) with Joanne
  • Crush for Amy's birthday with the full Organization - that's right Amy

So yeah, it's been real busy lately. Even my lazy times are seemingly busy, and my DVR continues to hum a solemn song out of loneliness. Which is okay, because it's freaking nice out and it is okay to ignore that magical box when it is nice out.

Nothing really to add, besides an additional Happy Birthday to my good friend Amy. Given her aspirations to move out of state, this may have been the last one we all spend with her for a while, so it was a good idea to have a good time with this one. Happy birthday Amy, congratulations on joining the quarter century club. It is a great club to be in.


JManda said...

goooo red wings!

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