A Slice of Fried Gold

The Weekend Edition

Monday, June 8, 2009

It goes without saying that I completely fail at blogging at this point. I've been back for a month and still haven't written up my travel blogs, I'm barely writing anything on here at all, and Alaska's summer has pretty much sabotaged any desire I have to write. I've been crazy busy on weekends, and weekdays are really dedicated to relaxing outside and definitely not writing. This weekend was exceptional, with Joanne (frequent hangout buddy) stating that it was one of the best weekends she could remember. Damn straight. What happened?

  • Bachelor party planning with Colver, Terry, and David at Humpy's
  • Drag Me to Hell and movie night with Joanne
  • Double feature of Up and the Hangover with Joanne (and Amy, Cate, and Eric for the second one)
  • Walking around town on a beautiful day for the Alaska Oceans Festival, street vendor polish sausages, and beer at Snow Goose
  • Watching Amy almost get murdered by Seagulls as we walked by a baby 'gull
  • Frisbee golf with Amy, Cate, Colver, and Joanne
  • Moose's Tooth for way too much pizza and beer
  • 80's night at the Avenue (awwww yeah!)
  • Picnic by the Coastal trail with Joanne
  • Laying in the sun for 3 hours reading
  • Ballin' and BBQin' with Colver (and Lorna on the latter portion)
  • Finding out that all of the outdoors activities led me to being somewhat tomato like

Once again, I really want to stress how freaking nice Alaska has been this summer. It's seemingly always 70 or higher, we've had unbelievable consistency when it comes to sunny days, and all in all it's just ridiculously awesome. I actually feel guilty when I'm not in the sun, but tonight I'm taking it easy as I feel sick and personally blame the sun. I mean, I'm pretty burnt and I'd say I probably have a fine case of sun poisoning. Lucky me. I did it to myself though, so I deserve it.

I have the feeling this won't be the last time that happens to me this summer, which I'm okay with. If my biggest complaint about the summer is that I had too much time in the sun, then life is pretty freaking awesome.


Patty said...

Too much of a GOOD thing! I actually enjoy the warm gray days as well.

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