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Monday, June 8, 2009

When I first signed up for Twitter around a year ago, I tried it on for size for a while but a combination of things brought it down: not a ton of users, limited experience, and frankly, I didn't really get it. The whole concept of Twitter just didn't make a whole lot of sense in my head. Why would I want people to be aware of everything I do? Seemed like I was forcing people to stalk me, and I was not a fan of that.

Apparently, I've recently grown to forced stalking quite a bit, as I'm sort of addicted to the whole concept. It kind of seems like the entirety of the world has gotten into it simultaneously, as in England you would read about celebrity updates in their tweets and in Italy you'd see half the people dropping tweets whilst perusing the net at cyber cafes.

No less, I think a lot of my interest in it really tied in to the primary subject matter of my previous post, and that's the extreme lack of time lately. When I typically write blog posts that are hundreds of words long, it's hard to find the time in the day to do that when I want to be outside hiking, playing frisbee golf, and barbecuing with friends. But with Twitter, the concept of microblogging that they present is totally perfect for my lack of time. I can share my thoughts in 140 characters or less, allowing for a concisiveness that I've previously never had and forcing myself to edit thoroughly.

It's pretty freaking awesome, and sometimes I feel the need to do it all the time. Really, I can do that because it takes all of 30 seconds to write a great tweet, while it can take me 10 minutes to an hour to write a blog post. The time management aspect of it is just fantastic (for those that want to blog but don't want to spend a lot of time doing it, this is perfect), and I'm really starting to enjoy the community aspect as well. With that said, those that aren't on their I think should join ASAP. When you do, make sure to follow me. I'm davidlharper2 on there, and am looking forward to seeing you on there!


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