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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Zack Morris and Jimmy Fallon

Man, today was a great day for news about the return of lost favorite shows.

First off, last night on Jimmy Fallon (which is turning out to be a surprisingly entertaining show, if only for providing a great foundation for ?uestlove's awesome tweets while filming), Mark-Paul Gosselaar came on entirely in character as Zack Morris (see the link for video and the story) to announce that he and Jesse Spano are onboard for a Saved by the Bell reunion, with just Kelly and Screech yet to sign on (I refuse to to reference them by actual name). Now, while this show wasn't exactly a cinematic masterpiece, it was a massively entertaining one that I probably watched two to four times a day during my formative years - it was on TBS all of the time. So a reunion special would be awesome, if only because Amy and I would host a freaking awesome party for it.

Plus, is anyone else blown away how Gosselaar looks EXACTLY like he did 20 years ago? It's crazy.

The second bit of news is far more exciting and much less unexpected - the return of Futurama! After a couple years of producing feature length episodes, Comedy Central and Matt Groening are teaming up to bring the show back with an order of 26 brand new episodes.

To this I say an emphatic hell yes, as this is really one of my all-time favorite shows. I picked up all of the seasons on DVD a few years back and got entirely hooked, loving the creativity and hilarity, as well as the incredibly real and touching themes they would occasionally tackle. I really can't wait, and am incredibly excited about new episodes starting mid-2010.

Get excited America!


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