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Thursday, June 11, 2009

My name is Andrew and I like to party

Andrew WK has to be one of the most awesome and interesting people that has come around in the past decade. After arriving on the music scene early in this decade as one man mixture of AC/DC, John Belushi, and the Incredible Hulk (meaning he really, really liked partying and then singing awesome butt rock about it) and giving one of the single greatest concerts I've ever been to, the guy kind of disappeared for a while after his massively disappointing follow up to breakthrough album I Get Wet (the disappointment is referred to as The Wolf).

Not that long ago though, I found out that he apparently has become a extremely successful motivational speaker who has spoken at Yale and many other universities, and some sort of prophet of positive living via the art of localized partying, or so I ascertain. Which is ridiculously awesome, and fits perfectly into his persona of a dude who always wears the same clothing (white shirt, white jeans) and is always down with life.

Of course, given that he apparently is also some sort of career chameleon and predictably unpredictable, he will soon be hosting a show on Cartoon Network (live action...cartoons?) called Destroy Build Destroy. It is about teenagers blowing stuff up and then taking those scraps and turning them into working vehicles...and then destroying them again, assuredly while WK is yelling at them about partying and having a great time. I can't tell if it's going to be amazing or a complete mess (see below to decide for yourself), but I am extremely tempted to watch it if only because WK is the man.

Of course, this makes me wonder. Why can't Cartoon Network put this show in Adult Swim, call it "Destroy Destroy Destroy" and make it a ridiculously awesome variety show hosted by WK. You can even keep most of the same concept: have WK rolling around the desert blowing stuff up with bazookas and RPG's, playing awesome butt rock about partying and having a great time, and giving motivational speeches to the audience he deserves - America. How would that not be completely awesome?

Still, while we may not realize that dream, I'll take whatever WK I can get, even if it is on a kids show.


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