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Disney buys Marvel (plus I'm back!)

Monday, August 31, 2009

Let's hope that Marvel is treated better than that broom

Evidently crazyness infects the world when I'm gone, because Disney purchased Marvel Entertainment today, sending Marvel's stock skyrocketing, their stockholders into glee driven dance-offs, and their comic fans into a tizzy as everyone worries about our favorite characters becoming "Disney-fied."

Of course, Disney is not a company that has thrived for decades because they are stupid. They are the company who owns Miramax, so it's not like they went to QT and said "hey, perhaps you should replace the Gimp scene in Pulp Fiction with a friendly game of poker" (no pun intended). Our characters will be fine. It's par for the course that comic fans read this news and immediately think the sky is falling, but that's the nature of comic fans - we're kind of crazy. Given that I'm a comic fan by way of corporate life, I see the silver lining: added longevity and exposure of the product. For a long time, Marvel's biggest problem was assured cash flow, and with this move Marvel now is safe enough that they can take even bigger risks in the future. What those risks are, I don't know (ROM: Space Knight...the movie!), but I'm excited to find out.

On another note, I'm back in action. Empowered by repeated compliments about my blog (thanks Eric and Erik!) I'm going to look into writing more than ever. Beware Goldies, beware.


Bobbie said...

Welcome back, David!

Dan said...

You haven't fully taken into account all of the awesome crossovers. Ducktales + Howard the Duck? Deadpool + Pirates of the Caribbean?

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