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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Kind of similar to Adriaan, but not exact

Today while I was sitting at Kaladi Brothers writing blogs, creating awesome mixes, and sipping coffee (not to mention surfing the internet and wasting time), a stranger stopped by my table. It was a man who was looking for somewhere he could burn a DVD. At first I started pointing him towards a Kinko's or somewhere similar to that. However, due to my extreme inability to explain how exactly he could get there, I just offered to burn his DVD for him right there on my laptop.

It turned out his name was Adriaan and he was from Belgium. He had traveled from Belgium to Miami, and then Miami up to Nova Scotia, all away across Canada, and then up to Alaska to collect his motorcycle. Anchorage is his starting point, and he is going to ride his motorcycle to the southern tip of South America (Tierra del Fuego) over the next year. We talked for around half an hour about what he's done (he also did land based journeys from Tierra del Fuego to Ecuador and one from Belgium to Australia), what he does for a living (global IT consultant), and differences between Alaskans and everyone else.

Most importantly, we talked about what I should do as a 25 year old that is feeling like he wants a change and to travel and to get new experiences. It was really interesting to get the perspective of someone who has done a little bit of everything in his life and is now really living the dream. "I really wish I had done these things when I was 25, I had a lot more energy then." Adriaan said. Well I'm 25, I have a ton of energy and I feel the need. Not sure exactly what that means for my life plans, but I think I am going to start looking into formulating and crafting my future.

No less, Adriaan took my picture (I did this too...very cool) and then departed off to some other place assuredly, and I got back to what I was doing. More of the same of what I've been doing, but perhaps that will change soon. Not in a "riding a motorcycle across multiple continents" sort of way, but in some way that feels right for me.


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