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Iron and Wine coming to Alaska

Monday, August 10, 2009

Sam Beam going for the natural look

Iron and Wine is coming to Alaska September 25th to play at UAA, in what will likely be one of the best fits to Alaskan audiences ever. Given that lately it seems you are required to have a beard to live here (damn inability to grow anything besides a throat beard), Sam Beam and his enormous beard will likely be welcomed with open arms. While I don't shower the guy with adoration like everyone else does (I have to be in a very specific mood to enjoy his music - it's kind of boring), I do appreciate his talent and better yet, I appreciate a good show. I feel like it will be a very restrained and high quality show for sure.

Regardless, I'm just happy Alaska is getting some decent concerts. The Hold Steady and Iron and Wine in one 8 day stretch? That almost makes it okay that I'm not going to make it to Musicfest NW this year.



sheri said...

I agree that it is not ok that you are not coming, and I think you need to remedy that.

I know you won't, but seriously... get your butt down here.

Erok said...


I concur with Sheri.

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