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New Kay Kay on Friday!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Kay Kay and his...weathered underground

Modern day 60's pop luminaries (and personal favorite) Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground are sneak attacking the world by announcing that they are putting their new album, titled Introducing...Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground, up for stream on Friday on their Myspace page. Their debut release (self-titled, naturally) was my favorite from 2008 as it was filled to the brim with sunny, psychedelic pop gems, and I have really high hopes for this group.

Do me a favor and check this release out on Friday, and if you like it share it with friends. The album won't be released in physical form until a currently undetermined date, but let's start building excitement now folks! Blow minds baby.


virgil said...

Thanks for sharing news of Kay Kay’s new album. Expect release news about it soon. In the meantime, make sure you listen to their first album. You can stream the entire album and share it with others here:


David Harper said...

Thanks for the comment Virgil. I'm a well known proponent of the first album, as I named it my favorite album of 2008. I have the vinyl album ten feet from me right now!

virgil said...

that rules, it is probably the best sounding LP we have ever produced.

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