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Tuesday, January 8, 2008
Ingredients pre-cooking

After making my New Year's resolutions and watching Ratatouille, I had an incredible desire to start cooking bigger meals (even if, as someone reminded me, I was just cooking for myself). I love cooking, and the bigger and more complex meals definitely bring out the best in my cooking and in food. First up this past weekend, I made some delicious Pad Thai, and continuing with my Thai theme, I made some Yellow Chicken Curry.

Curry Ingredients in the Blender...not pretty

It was a simple enough recipe - simply combine the sauce ingredients in the blender, blend them for a little bit, and bingo bango, Curry sauce! From there, chop up your chicken, pour the curry sauce over it, bake for 45 minutes and you are almost all the way there.

Vegetables pre-cooking

After that, add your potato that you cut up, cherry tomatoes, and green pepper with the chicken and sauce. Stir it up, bake for 20 minutes, pour over freshly cooked Jasmine rice, and you have yourself some ridiculously awesome Yellow Chicken Curry.

Chicken in the casserole with the sauce mixed in

After the baking in the oven

My plate vs. the whole dish

This turned out pretty awesome, although it was a bit spicy because I put in two pretty intense red peppers in there that stepped it up quite the notch. Next time I may go a bit more mild as the spice was a bit overpowering. No less, great second foray into big meal cooking. What's next for me? No idea, can't wait though. I love cooking and it's been fantastic getting back into it.


Erik said...

Feed me that Curry ASAP!

Patty said...

Looks good to me. Good job.

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