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Liars! You're making me unhappy!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008
The title of this post is of course in direct reference to the old slogan to Hooters - "It makes you happy." Well you know what Hooters...you most definitely did not make this guy happy.

Tragically, Hooters of Anchorage, Alaska is now closed for business (until supposedly the summer). This is terrible news, as it happened to fall on the very day we were to go to Trivia, and doubly terrible because Lacey's fiance Kevin was going to get his first foray into trivia himself. Robbed of trivia, we all still had a good time with a Taco Night mixed with Rock Band and partial viewings of Grease and Terminator 2, but it just was not the same.

That begs the question...will life be the same without trivia night? I previously had a post about Wednesday were my favorite days of the week because of the perfect combination - Comics and Trivia. Now we're down one part of the amazing day at least temporarily, my weeks have been downgraded a bit because of the lack of my precious trivia. I'm sure I will find something to fill the Trivial Pursuit shaped hole in my heart, but it will take time to heal that wound. All I know is that Hooters shutting down was definitely NOT what I wanted for my birthday.

Stupid Hooters not making me happy...

R.I.P. Drunken Cowboys (2005-2008)


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