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Best Week Ever

Wednesday, January 30, 2008
This is definitely not going to sound like the best week ever to most anyone else, but I am incredibly stoked. This week is sort of a culmination of a lot of things that I've been interested in or things that have just been coming together for a long time, and they all just happen to be going on at same time. For a breakdown, let's go down to my friend the bullet list directly below...
  • Tuesday: Humpy's Pub Quiz Day - Went last night, it was fun and insanely difficult, but we have a new trivia night!
  • Wednesday: Comic Day - aka the release of the last issue of Y the Last Man. So excited...so sad.
  • Thursday: Lost Day - The two hour season premiere of Lost, with Amy joining me as she has power watched the hell out of the third season to get ready for it.
  • Friday: Review Day - My first annual review for my job is hitting. I'm alternately terrified and very excited, but it should be cool.
  • Saturday: Battlestar Day - My sister and I wrap up all the existing episodes of Battlestar Galactica in preparation for April 4th (aka the beginning of season 4, or the season of seasons as I call it).
  • Sunday: Super Bowl Sunday - New England Patriots. New York Giants. The Super Bowl. Party at my place, making pizzas, snacks, bunch of people. Should rock the heezy, although I'm a bit nervous - my boys better win!

So that's my week, minus one day of course. I'd say I'm most excited for the Super Bowl, but I may be lying as I secretly may be more excited for the last issue of Y the Last Man today. I'm really nervous, sad, and excited about it. It's the 60th issue, it's been going on for 5+ years...I just know it's so hard to end things well in a series. I have the faith that Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra can do it, but man, they face a lot of history to do that.

It's probably a tie with the Super Bowl though. It's going to be a great party, I just hope the Patriots don't keep it that close so I don't have to act like a freak amongst all of my friends. Only select few of them have seen me act like a crazy person while watching them play. Also really just for my sanity, because I get stressed enough during regular season games - the Super Bowl takes me to the limit. It's just awesome seeing them in the Super Bowl again, especially with how last years season ended.

I hear going 19-0 may be pretty cool too.

Maybe that's just me though.


Bobbie said...

Lost and Battlestar!!! I am so excited. I have committed myself to babysitting for a friend the next couple of Saturdays so I am really looking forward to our coffee/Battlestar morning.

Erok said...

They were replaying the 2001/02 Pats/Rams superbowl last night on the NFL network. The last quarter brought back hilarious memories of you freaking out at the Rams 4th quarter comeback before Brady decided he was going to be awesome on the last drive.

David Harper said...

Fun fact: I watched that game last night while running on a treadmill at the Alaska Club.

I still freaked out. To a replay.

Erok said...

A replay from 6 years ago.

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