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Monday, January 14, 2008
Saturday night after I went to see the Alaska Aces play hockey, myself, Colver, Lorna, Kim, and Nick went out to Chilkoot Charlie's to have a nice, festive evening. I have a theory about Koots, and that is that you have a good time one in every four times you go. Its incredibly inconsistent, but the one time you have fun, you have A LOT of fun. Saturday night was one of those nights.

Quick aside...I call Koots the Royal Fork of bars. For those that do not know what Royal Fork is, its a buffet restaurant that has a lot of food, tons of varieties, but none of it is very good. Koots is "world famous" for its 8 bars within one bar setup. Hence the Royal Fork of bars. Needless to say, being called the Royal Fork of bars is not the best thing to be known as.

Back to the point, it was a great time, but it also acted as a microcosm for my success (or lack there of) with girls over the last year. Now I've been "successful" with girls over the last while, but it seems that whenever I meet one, there is always some glaringly large negative that impedes my ability to date them. Example? Saturday I met three really cool girls, each of whom had the aforementioned giant negatives. What were they?
  1. Girl #1 - Was a Flight Attendant who was in town two days a week and loved her job. Extremely attractive, into me, yet never here.
  2. Girl #2 - Cool girl who I knew through a friend, pretty attractive, yet found out way later on in the night that she was a) currently dating someone and b) getting over someone else.
  3. Girl #3 - Comes by, makes a comment to me essentially saying "I'm unbelievably interested, find me and talk some more." I go find her, talk for a while, get her number...at which point she announces she has two kids.

Does it make me a terrible person for quickly losing interest in all three of these people? Typically, every girl I've been meeting that I'm interested in fits into one of five classes. The previous three (Transient, dating someone, has kids) and two others...

  1. Girl #4 - Cool, attractive, interested...married. I'll call her Girl #2 squared, which fittingly would make her girl #4 anyways.
  2. Girl #5 (with a bullet) - Very cool, very attractive, seemingly interested, yet is a combination of overly busy and "not" interested, thus nothing ever happens.

Those are the five classes of girls that I meet anymore. My friend Amy and I frequently lament to each other about why is it so hard to find someone that is dateable in Alaska, and you know what? That's a damn good question. I guess I just need to meet girls in other places, but its so hard to do that anywhere really.

I'm really not too worried about it to be honest, but it really is amazing that I have such bad luck and that it really is so hard to find someone in such a ridiculously large place. My day will come, I know that.


Bobbie said...


If you are turned off by girl #3 who announces that she has kids, just imagine how hard it must be for her to get a date? I'm not judging by any means, you have every right to be choosy. It's not easy for anyone now days .... I'm in the same boat!

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