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I want to live at the Beer and Barley Wine Festival

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Friday evening, myself, Jon, Hannah, Lacey, and Kevin attended the 2008 Great Alaska Beer and Barley Wine Festival. I'd never been, but I'd heard loads of good things so I was very excited about attending. Those good things? All they managed to do was underrate the greatness of the GABBF (that's right...suck that acronym). Two things I will for sure do next year though is to buy my ticket ahead of time (everyone else got a head start on the drinking because they had tickets and I had to wait in line for 45 minutes...in January Alaskan weather...not smart) and to bring my camera.

Why did I forget my camera? Because my paranoia fueled me to go straight from Cloverfield (which was an excellent monster movie and an altogether good time) to the Festival and get in line once I found out that the pre-sale was now over for the Fest. When I got there there were a ton of people in line and only 50 tickets left, hence the 45 minute wait...which is why there was no camera on me and I was wearing a Wes Welker jersey (it was casual day at work...I take that term quite literally apparently). No less, even though there was no photographic evidence to be had, I can tell you one thing: it absolutely rocked.

First off, the beer was uniformly good. I had only two beers out of 30+ that were not good, and even though when they were not good they were horrifically disgusting, that 1/15 ratio is pretty damn excellent if you ask me. I'm going to go ahead and call Fort George's North barley wine the beer of the festival, as yours truly described it as "spine tingly delicious." The fact the brewery was located in Astoria, Oregon (home place of the Goonies) had nothing to do with my selection. I frequented the barley wines, and I was very impressed with my first barley wine overload.

Second off, the crew was fantastic and running into a lot of people I know while they were plastered was pretty hilarious. Jon and I had a great time being the heavy drinkers for our team, as we were pushing each other to churn through our 30+ tickets that we had in 2 hours we had to do it in. Of course we did it, and we rocked hard...although I think we both felt it the next day. I had a great time chilling with Hannah while the rest of the crew smoked, and Lacin (Lacey and Kevin...their engaged so I can combine them into one name) were fun as always.

Finally, there is nothing like the sensation of having 30+ brewers serving you beer, and all you have to give them is a little purple ticket. I know I had to pay money to get in there, but when you are drinking and you have to exchange a stupid ticket for a sample of delicious beer, it really feels free. I have this theory that everything is better when its free, and this theory is no less sound when referencing alcohol. Hell, considering how expensive it is normally, I think it works even more accurately.

So all in all, I loved the Great Alaska Beer and Barley Wine Festival. I'm already excited for next year, and hope I can get even more people to go. Also, I now know what I need to do to make next years experience even better. Just 363 (ish) more days 'til next years festival!


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