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Happy New Year! Vol. 1: A Look to the Past

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Before I get to my resolutions for 2008, I figured I would take a quick look back and see how I did in 2007. Making resolutions is great and all, but if you don't hold yourself accountable for your goals then there is no reason for you to ever reach them.

Resolution Number 1: Read 10 Books (Success - Read 12...still sad, but working up!)

Resolution Number 2: Make 3 New Good Friends (Success - Not including coworkers, Amy, Lacey and Alex all count in my book)

Resolution Number 3: Be able to do 20 consecutive pull ups, 5 one armed push ups, and 5 miles in 35 minutes (Failure - Stopped doing pull ups and push ups almost entirely due to lazyness, can run about 4.67 miles in 35 minutes...not bad, but not great either)

Resolution Number 4: Learn to play a musical instrument (Failure - This was absolutely unrealistic to begin with)

Resolution Number 5: Hit all of my incentive levels at work (Success - I've done a great job at work, and hit everything with even a few cherries on top)

Resolution Number 6: First Self Paid Vacation (Success - Bumbershoot in September...and boy did it rock)

Resolution Number 7: Maintain Current Weight (Success - Starting weight 195ish, current weight is somewhere around 199 to 204...I'll call that a success)

Resolution Number 8: Finish 2nd Degree (Success - Eat it LSU, I succeeded in spite of you)

Resolution Number 9: Catch up on video games (Failure - I played a ton of Rock Band and Guitar Hero! Does that count?)

Resolution Number 10: Learn another language (Failure - Another absolutely unrealistic one)

So I hit 6 out of 10 in 2007. Not bad work if I do say so myself. If I can recreate that kind of success this year I will be very happy. 2007 was a wonderful year all in all, and I hope that 2008 can live up to the high standard that was set by it.


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