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Mt. Redoubt can go to hell

Friday, March 27, 2009

I hate you large mountain of disappointment

Because our big bastard of ash and lava Mt. Redoubt decided to blow its top, Brand New and the Get Up Kids cancelled (or possibly postponed) their show that was this Saturday. I hate that stupid, stupid mountain, but I'm okay with it because I've seen Brand New already.


If Chuck Klosterman cancels, that mountain will know my wrath. Here is a hint of your fate Redoubt - me, you, strategically placed dynamite, the villain from Cliffhanger, your demise.

Do not mess with me. You may be a force of nature, but you haven't seen me pissed.

That is all.


Patty said...

Hopefully my plane can get in. Hello from Enterprise, Oregon.

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