A Slice of Fried Gold

The Weekend Edition

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Another action packed weekend down, with just two more weekends to go before the big Europe trip. This one had a great balance to it, and featured a ton of fun events and some rather glorious ones at that. What happened?

  • Battlestar Galactica's amazingly incredible series finale
  • Europe planning with Joanne
  • I Love You, Man being ridiculously hilarious
  • Going to Boston's with Amy, Colver, Jason, and Nick
  • Interrupting girls night with Jason and having a grand ol' time
  • Suckout Central's yearly Fantasy Baseball draft (my team is weird, but pretty good)
  • Rock of Love Bus with Hannah and Jason
So yeah, the highlight was definitely the interrupting of the girls night and turning it into a big dance party at the Anchor. So, I know I'm an a bad dancer. I'm pretty convinced of it in fact. But for some reason, I really, really enjoy it. There is something awesome about going to the club with friends and just taking over the dance floor with ridiculous and terrible dancing that everyone watches and is entertained by.

Not only that, but dancing with really cute girls is always fun too. I'm kind of a dominant force at that, mostly because I think girls appreciate the fact I'm trying. Definitely not the fact I'm dancing well. Because I'm not. I'm dancing terribly. But you better believe I'm trying, and having a damn good time while doing it. It's part of the recipe of a perfect night out on the town.


Patty said...

I'm sure your dancing is not that BAD! Hello from Denver. See you soon.

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