A Slice of Fried Gold

The Weekend Edition

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Awwwwwww yeah.

That's what I'm talking about!

This past weekend was ridiculously fantastic, on par with any ever. That's right, any weekend ever. It's right up there with the weekend where the Patriots surprised the Rams in the Super Bowl, the one where Battlestar Galactica premiered, and the one when Columbus discovered America. It was that good.

What happened to make it so spectacular?

  • Moose's Tooth and Bstar with Hannah
  • First hour of the Battlestar Galactica series finale (I'm scared of a world without Bstar!)
  • Tons of Europe research at local coffeshops and bookstores (thanks for letting me treat you like a library Barnes and Noble!)
  • #7 - DMZ Vol. 6: Blood in the Game (Awesome, one of the best comic series on the market)
  • Work events and fun with that
  • Crewnit Extravaganza: Amy's Cabin edition
The highlight was without a doubt the Crewnit Extravaganza out at Amy's cabin. I'd heard that Amy's cabin is pretty much guaranteed awesomeness. It's been chronicled as such for a long time, but it was my first experience. Now? Now I want to go back all the time. Instead of writing about it though, I've decided I'm just going to share a ton of pictures. Enjoy!

Family Portrait!

Singing along to the Immigrant Song on the way to the cabin

I stuffed that in my pipe and I smoked it

Ror Monster couldn't handle this

Colver palletizing

Colver, Ror Monster and I sitting on snow thrones

Ror Monster dominating David Leroy Harper the Third

Glorious Alaska

Fire Bar!

Lorna trailed by Myka with a hilarious face

Home sweet home!

Amy loving Alaska...mostly

Snuggie sleeping bag!

Colver impersonating the smoke monster from Lost

Jo Jo Jee Jo Jo and I

"Only you can prevent beaver abuse"

"YAY! The Islander!"

More Colver Smoke Monster business

Jason being fancy

Amy vs. the pipe

Lorna, Jon and myself



Patty said...

Looks like a blast. Hello from Branson, Missouri.

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