A Slice of Fried Gold

The Weekend Edition

Monday, March 2, 2009
This weekend was utterly relaxing. I spent most of Saturday and Sunday just relaxing, and that is kind of the direction I'm headed as I get closer to my big Europe trip. I'm looking to do a couple things before my trip: cut my eating down, save money, and rest more. I think these will all be very beneficial things for me when the trip itself comes, plus they all help me prepare on my actual trip. No less, what did this lead to be doing this weekend?
  • Three hour dinner with Hannah, Jason and Amy at Bear Tooth
  • Finishing one book, nearly finishing another, and finally catching up on my comic reading
  • Plotting out a ton of my trip (so excited!)
  • Battlestar Galactica blowing my mind (three more episodes! four more hours! ahhh!!!)
  • Coffee with my sister
  • Working an event for work
  • Running of the Reindeer at Fur Rondy with Colver
  • Lunch with Amy and Jessie (inadvertently but awesomely)
  • Amy, Jason, Hannah and I watching Rock of Love Bus, and it conveniently rocking our world

It's not every day you see a super drunk girl crying on a speed bump

And this is where I will finally talk about our latest obsession...Rock of Love Bus.

Rock of Love Bus, or ROLB (or Bus or the incredibly quickly spoken "rockoflovebus") as we occasionally call it, is Bret Michaels' (of Poison "fame") reality show about finding the love of his life in a gaggle of intensely trashy women. Predictably enough, this is the third season of it because it turns out:

a) people rarely find love on reality shows
b) people rarely find love with former rock stars
c) people rarely find love with unfathomably trashy rock floozies
d) people rarely find love with people with a cursory knowledge of the English language named Brittanya

Anyways, regardless of the conceptual shortcomings (even though we all know the point of the show is for these women to get on television and Michaels' to maintain some form of relevance), the show is incredibly entertaining for all of the same reasons. This show is all about cat fights, amplified drama, drunken buffoonery, incredibly slutty women, and hysterical challenges. I mean, last episode featured a contestant who got so hammered and frisky that she started fooling around with another contestant, was then scolded and sent to her bus, which led her to run away screaming and crying until she reached her destination: a speed bump. At said speed bump, she laid upon it and cried her eyes out.

That is something I never expected to see on television. Of course, that was something I never expected to see on television until the Bus pulled in. By god, while watching this show, I always expect the unexpected. Want some unfathomably stupid and fun entertainment? Ride the Bus! Amy, Jason, Hannah and I do, and we love it to death.


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