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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Well, I'm back from my prolonged vacation to wondrous continent of Europe. I come back enriched, refreshed, and with a bit of clarity and insight into who I am as a person. So yes, this was my stereotypical young American's quest to Europe, in which I find myself and have a lot of fun in the process. Hooray for stereotypes!

Over the next little while, I will be sharing pictures and experiences from Europe, probably going through each country in specific, with a couple posts for the more lenghty excursions (meaning Austria gets one post, and everything else gets multiple).

Before then, I think I will give a quick opinion on a bunch of things I missed. I can't miss that kind of opportunity, can I?

  • H1N1 = Over-Rated (clap, clap, clap clap clap), Over-Rated!
  • Niners stealing Michael Crabtree in the NFL Draft = NFC West Championship
  • New England Patriots = Haters of first round picks, lovers of winning Super Bowls
  • Wolverine = massively entertaining, really stupid at times, terrible at following comics
  • Chuck season finale = awesome, Chuck getting renewed = more awesome
  • NBA Playoffs = Best in quite some time (can't believe I missed Celtics/Bulls!)
  • Derek Fisher shoulder checking Luis Scola = insanely dirty and should result in suspension, plus I lost all respect for him
  • Over/Under on deaths in Lakers/Rockets series = 3 (at least they will be eternally remembered in a mural made in Ron Artest's hair)
  • My fantasy baseball team = spectacular
  • My knowledge of current music = non-existent
  • My excitement about Star Trek = through the roof
  • Seattle Mariners = AL West Champs? (I love defense!)
  • Months worth of missed comics and television = no social life
  • Three weeks of vacation + jet lag = extreme incompetence upon return at work

That is all for now. Look for Europe write ups this weekend, with many, many pictures.


Troy Olson said...

Better not get too excited about the Mariners or Chuck yet -- the Mariners can't hit (although having good defense IS nice) and Chuck has yet to be officially renewed (and rumor has it there will be a reduced episode count - lame).

Wow, that was a very negative comment, wasn't it.

Did Wolverine have lots of Gambit in it? Who doesn't love Gambit.

David Harper said...

I know, I'm trying to keep my excitement for both moderately low, but given the fact that Felix and Bedard are actually pitching like they should, the bullpen has been solid, and our defense is ridiculous, plus we've started with weak performances from Beltre and Lopez (two of our best hitters). I feel like we can turn it around a bit on offense, and that we're a 4-3 win team.

As for Chuck, given that I left to it looking like it was for sure dead and returning to it being likely to return, albeit with a reduced episode count, I will call that a win. That's my cup half full look at least.

It better be renewed dammit. I'd say it's the most entertaining show on TV.

Erik said...

My fantasy team is ungodly. Greinke is all that is man. Welcome back. Get My Maudlin Career by Camera Obscura asap.

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