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Friday, May 15, 2009

So last night I watched my DVR'd copy of the Lost season finale, and given that it was Lost it was predictably insane. Going in to the final season, the series, from what I can ascertain, is at an incredibly uncertain point. Meaning no one on the planet save more than likely Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof have any idea what next season could even be about or who it will involve, and no one will find out until January of 2010 sadly. Really, I have never went into a season of a show with less knowledge of what it is going to be about besides the first seasons of shows. Those were like that because, simply put, there had never been any previous episodes. Even then, I generally would have a better idea of what they are about than season 6 of Lost.

So yeah, to say the finale was crazy is to put it lightly.

It shed some light on who the real orchestrators of this whole game is, it featured maybe the most tragic death of the whole series, it featured the final confrontation between our beloved Losties and the Dharma crazies, and plenty of other insanity. There was betrayal, intensity, forward movement, revelations, tragic scenes, great action, and even some intermittent hilarity.

In short, it was everything we could ask for as Lost fans, besides the fact that all of our previous questions have been replaced with the biggest (and most maddening) question of all:

What next?


Bobbie said...

Awesome finale. I don't think I have ever screamed at the T.V. as much as I did Wednesday night.
It's going to be very hard waiting till 1/2010, and even harder to see it end.

David Harper said...

You screamed more at that than at Bstar?! SHAME ON YOU!

Bobbie said...

Um, maybe I had better retract that statement? BSG had screaming AND hyper-ventilating, therefore, Lost comes in second...... :o)

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