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Chuck versus the Cancellation

Monday, May 18, 2009

The awesome episode "Chuck versus Tom Sawyer"

It's official - Chuck is coming back for season 3 for at least 13 episodes. After looking like a surefire lock for cancellation, massive fan support carried it onto NBC's schedule for next year. Great decision by NBC, as it is the best thing they have going for them right now and probably my favorite show on TV (with possible exceptions of Lost and How I Met Your Mother).

Starting the week off with Chuck and HIMYM always started the week right, and while I know it likely won't be the same next year (Chuck is probably switching days) I'm just glad I will have a new day of awesomeness to help me work through the doldrums of Alaskan winter. Hell yes to romantic comedies featuring dorky spies!


Troy Olson said...

When I read the news last night, it made my month. The last episode was so, so, so much fun that I would have cried had they not brought it back.

Here's hoping it finds a little bit more support and get the go ahead for the full 22 episodes.

Patty said...

And Chuck wins!!

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