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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

On Sunday night, game 4 of the Celtics/Magic series had an intense finish (ignoring the preceding 7 and a half minutes of offensive mediocrity and whistles) featuring a somewhat busted play (unless you really believe Doc Rivers saying Big Baby was the third option) and a buzzer beater by Glen "Big Baby" Davis to win the game 95-94 for the Boston Celtics. It was a great finish, and one that was both intense and amusing for the celebration by Big Baby, who first ran along the sidelines (shoving a kid out of his way in the process - see the 1:21 mark of the video) and then running off looking like a monster out at the Orlando Magic fans, who were stunned but transitioning into terrified.

As I watched Big Baby running the sideline, wiping out the kid in the process, I knew immediately that was not going to be all we hear about the kid getting shoved. It never is.

The kids dad was demanding an apology, and sadly enough Big Baby gave it to him.

That is ridiculous.

If you are sitting courtside, there are a few things you have to do. You should accept that you may draw some contact as the sport is an unpredictable one, and if you are sitting courtside don't start wandering towards the court just because your team lost. Otherwise you're going to get shoved out of the way by the celebrating road team. The guy should have been apologizing to the teams for not watching his kid closer, and the fact that he was doing the exact opposite of that sets a bad example for his kid.

Just because you have enough money to randomly sit courtside at a playoff game, does not mean you can do whatever you want and demand retribution for something spilling from on court to slightly off court. That just makes you an overly self important ass, which you probably are anyways.


Erik said...

I laughed my ass off when that kid got shoved out of the way. It reminded me of the scene in "Old School" where Will Ferrel shoves that little kid out of the way head first from a first person view. I laughed.

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