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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Given that I know the majority of my readership does not particularly care about comics, the fact that I'm now writing blogs for an actual comic blog will help cure you of those ills. The blog, Multiversity Comics, came from the comics thread that myself and a couple of the other writers all frequent. It is quite the thread, having nearly 15,000 posts over the last three or four years, and it is about time that we took our love of comics out into the blog world. Of course, the fact it was named after a yet to be released Grant Morrison monstrosity is not awe inspiring.

No less, I know that most do not particularly care for comics, but I wrote my first "column" tonight. It's a weekly piece on what comics are dramatically underappreciated, and I call it "How are you not reading these?!" I never claimed to be a creative title crafter. Check it out, if you're interested!


Patty said...

How do I get to it. Send me a link.

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