A Slice of Fried Gold

The Weekend Edition

Monday, May 18, 2009

Blogging has been coming really infrequently for me lately, so my apologies to my small but rabid readership. That's right. I called you rabid. This weekend was quite busy and I just couldn't get to blogging. What went down?

  • Frisbee golf aplenty
  • Adventureland at Bear Tooth with Hannah, Amy, and Jason
  • Drinks at McGinley's, shuffleboard at Buckaroo
  • Posting vacation pics to Facebook (finally)
  • Going to an open house and lunch with mom
  • Hannah's going away BBQ out at the Lake (awesome campfire conversations plus Sublime singalongs with Amy on the way back)
  • Tossing a frisbee and a truly hysterical episode of SNL with Amy
  • A burly breakfast at Harley's with parents
  • Red Wings/Blackhawks and Lakers/Rockets with Jason
  • Hannah's going away Snow City brunch
  • Hiking Flat Top with Jason and Amy (thanks 5 hour energy!)
  • Catching up on comics and Party Down
  • Bike ride along the coastal trail
So yeah, it was (even for me) an inordinately busy weekend. The reason is this: we've already had a nicer summer than last year, and it's freaking MAY. Last summer we had three days over 70 degrees (depressingly true), this year we've already had 3. It's mid to high 60's every day, sunny every day, and it's really, really hard to sit inside when it's so nice out. Yesterday I did that, but there were three hugh playoff games and I simply had to do that.

Still, if the summer continues like this, my blogging will definitely suffer. No offense to all of you, but I'd prefer my blogging to suffer. But I still have aspirations to write my Europe blogs, a condemnation of the Anchorage Daily News (as part of my strange, ongoing theme of "Print is dead" that I've been going with for the past year or so), and some comic recommendations. We'll cross that bridge when we get there though.


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