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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

While reading my favorite comic thread on the internet, I came across a link someone posted. It was to good ol' Uncle Warren's site (Warren Ellis to the uninitiated, comic book writer and novelist extraordinaire) and a post he made about a group called Brokencyde and their recently released music video (as of November when this post was made). Now I had heard of Brokencyde and the truly epic levels of suck that they unleash upon people, but I never imagined that they could be so terrible. They are so bad, I feel confident in saying that they are the new low point in humanity, as they make dance rap music with screaming layered over the top and intensely emo messages hidden within, all complete with most not triumphantly coifed hair. Plus, they spell song titles with multiple x's.

In short, it's the most ridiculous thing that has ever been made. Ever. Within 20 seconds, I felt mildly ill from the badness (allegedly it reaches its' true low point around the 1:50 mark). Because I am either a masochist or I just couldn't take this one on alone, I had to share this with everyone. Enjoy!


Troy Olson said...

Okay -- so is it "real" or are they in on the joke? It's like they took every annoying, obnoxious thing about modern day club/celebrity culture and mashed into one song.

And that damn screaming and synthesized voice thing throughout the ENTIRE song...ugh.

Also -- it's odd that if you are okay with saying "fucking" in your song, then why do you find it necessary to use "f***ing" when you print the word out in your graphics.

David Harper said...

I don't think they are in on the joke, I think they are pretending to be in on the joke. They describe their genre online as "Crunkcore" and one has named himself "Se7in." It hurts me to be aware of their existence, but god, it's pretty golden in terms of sheer badness.

You are also tougher than me, as you apparently lasted the whole song.

Tyler said...

That.. I... Why? Why, David, why? Why would they do something like that, don't they know? I'm so sad right now!

Best part of that video: Screaming into the girls face as she doesn't react at all.

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