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Bendis Week

Sunday, January 10, 2010

As I say rather frequently Multiversity Comics, the comic blog I write for, has really taken off and been quite the success. We're looking into a redesign and looking to acquire advertising dollars very soon, but before we do that we're looking to build our audience. To do such a thing, we need something to draw in new readers.

Enter Bendis Week.

Starting tomorrow morning, we're going to be unveiling five days of Brian Michael Bendis. We had an extensive interview with Bendis last week, and we went over all aspects of his career with most of the focus being on his big Marvel event Siege. Bendis is pretty much the modern day Stan Lee, acting as the architect for Marvel comics over the past decade and helping turnaround the comic giant from bankruptcy. It's a huge moment for all of us at Multiversity, and any of you are interested I highly recommend visiting this week to read the interview.


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