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The Thermals Take Over the World

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Your favorite and my favorite power pop trio The Thermals are looking like they're going to have another big year ahead of them. Pitchfork posted a story yesterday about their rather expansive plans for 2010, that find them attempting to take over the world via their awesomeness.

Or at least China.

First up they will be releasing a 7" split record with The Cribs for Record Store Day (April 17th, in which the country celebrates the awesomeness of record stores) that will feature a brand new track from the band titled "Separate".

After that, they will be touring the world, including five dates in Australia and four dates in China. Nice! I'm not sure how big they are in Oceania and Beijing, but I can tell you that they'll likely win over a bunch of new fans with their fun as all hell live show.

If that isn't enough, the band is following up last year's exceptional album Now We Can See (my third favorite from last year) with a new LP titled Personal Life. Yes! That Chris Walla produced album will be released via Kill Rock Stars on September 7th. Get excited America, The Thermals are going to be one step closer to world domination by the end of this year.


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