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Make Kaladi Not War

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

It seems as if Kaladi Brothers is always there for me. They're like that corporate friend I never knew I had or that I even wanted, yet their reliability is never in question. Let's say I'm lamenting the poor quality of my coffee (regardless of its place of origin) on Twitter, they'll quickly @ message me and tell me that if I stop by any of their locations they would remake my drink for me for free. That's without even mentioning the fact I basically loiter at their Title Wave location all weekend as if I'm some sort of urban hobo, using their internet to do my bidding and camping out for interminably long periods of time.

Then, to make them even cooler, they started doing this Work With Kaladi promotion on Twitter in which you qualify for the chance to win free coffee for your office just by retweeting their message. Given enough opportunities I knew I'd win, and I had a special feeling about today. That special feeling apparently was legit, as I won organic Red Goat coffee for my entire office! Yes! I imagine my entire day tomorrow in the office being one of celebrating my name, with coworkers high fiving or hugging me as they see me walking down the hall. It shall be a glorious day.

Thank you for that Kaladi's, and you're welcome office.


Patty said...

Lucky you! Odds are with you if you do it enough.

Anonymous said...

Divide the dollars you spend by the time you occupy their table/chair/stool, and work out how much it *costs* the company to have you (as you say) "loiter" and "camp out" and "using their internet". You want a free space, go to the library! Otherwise, pony up the bucks and do your part to make this whole free-market economy thing work!

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