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Coachella vs. Sasquatch

Tuesday, January 19, 2010
This year I aim to make my triumphant return to concert festival going after a one year absence. 2007 I went to Seattle's Bumbershoot and Portland's Musicfest NW, 2008 I went to Sasquatch, and 2009 I went to...see The Wailers at Moose's Tooth? Even with the strong year in Anchorage for music, it still was a bad year in terms concert going for me.

This year though it's between going to Coachella for the first time or returning to Sasquatch, and it has been a really tough decision that has been weighing on me quite a bit. Let's look at the tale of the tape:

Sasquatch: $170 for a 3-day pass
Coachella: $269 for a 3-day pass

Winner: Sasquatch

Travel Partners
Sasquatch: Erik, Katie, and Kellie
Coachella: Umm...me, myself and I, plus probably some tumbleweed?

Winner: Sasquatch

Sasquatch: 70 to 90 degrees, sometimes windy and rainy but mostly nice
Coachella: I hope you like being hot, because it gets well over 100 here

Winner: Sasquatch

Sasquatch: To date? Umm...Pavement, Neon Indian and Vetiver (lineup announced the 17th of February)

Coachella: See the poster above, but for the ones I'm dying (exclamation points show how excited - 1 being least excited, 3 being most) to see for the first time or again we have: Jay-Z (!!), LCD Soundsystem (!!!), Muse (!!!), Faith No More (!), Gorillaz (!!!), Thom Yorke (!!), Phoenix (!!!), Spoon (!!!), Julian Casablancas (!), Vampire Weekend (!!!), MGMT (!), Hot Chip (!!), Major Lazer (!), Dirty Projectors (!), Passion Pit (!!!), She & Him (!!), The Whitest Boy Alive (!), La Roux (!), Yeasayer (!), The xx (!!!), Camera Obscura (!), Tokyo Police Club (!), Frightened Rabbit (!!), Portugal. The Man (!!), Girls (!), Yo La Tengo (!), Deerhunter (!), Matt & Kim (!), YANN TIERSEN (!!!).

Winner: Coachella, by a country mile

So for everything besides lineup, Sasquatch dominates. However, I really do not think there is a way in hell Sasquatch will be able to touch Coachella's lineup. That thing is insane. It's eclectic, it has a ton of artists I've never seen but would love to, and most of all, it has YANN TIERSEN. I was excited until I saw his name, and then I was blown away.

We're still a ways out until I make my decision, but man, that lineup announcement made it fairly hard on me. Let's hope I make the right one.


Bobbie said...

I vote Coachella all the way. You've never been there and the lineup looks awesome. Just wear shorts and t-shirts and drink lots of water. I'll buy you a battery operated fan.

Anonymous said...

Alright David,

I'll make you a deal. I don't live too far from Indio, CA and I would be more than willing to come out for Coachella. I've been before and it is glorious. Here's the kicker:

I can't buy a ticket. So change the cost of Coachella to 538 BUT you can also change your list of people to go with to Eric Sobolik, one of the coolest little brothers you ever did meet.

Decision time!

Erik said...

That line up is mind blowing. I really hope Faith No More hits Sasquatch.

David Harper said...

Mom, anonymous announces himself as Eric Sobolik in the message.

Erik, that lineup really does kill me. I still think I will end up at Sasquatch, but how great would that festival be?

Eric...no. So much money! But I like the idea of going with you, that would be fun.

Bobbie, I'd love to go, but there are just a lot more logistical issues. Perhaps I'll figure it out, but I doubt it.

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