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Fancy Bracket: (3) Club Paris vs. (6) Suite 100

Wednesday, March 3, 2010
Today in the Fancy Bracket we have a matchup between the king of the five inch tall filet - aka Club Paris - versus south Anchorage's go-to restaurant - Suite 100. This match up brings it all...old school versus new school, beef versus variety, downtown versus uptown. You don't want to miss this showdown between the seasoned vets and a team filled with diaper dandies baby!

Okay, maybe too much Dicky V there.

Club Paris: This is my Duke. Just like when Dick Vitale looks at the brackets and his eyes light up when he sees the Blue Devils, I see Club Paris and think "going all the way baby!" Just like with Duke, Club Paris has been doing the same thing for years upon years and it works so well no one can stop it. No matter if you go in for lunch to have one of their ferociously tasty filet mignon burgers (the inside game for the Dukies) or if you come in for their bread and butter...you know, the butter knife can cut it, your mouth can't handle it tastiness of their filet mignon (the impeccable spacing and three point shot), this place has been doing what it does best better than anyone else for ages. Sure the atmosphere is moderately oppressive and eerily reminiscent of some sort of gulag or third world prison (sort of like Coach K's practices), but the bar is phenomenal and the service is oddly great.

Suite 100:  These guys are kind of like the Memphis teams of the past few years - they completely murder their conference because there is simply no other game in town (ala reasonably priced and good atmosphere from a nicer restaurant in the south side), but when you get to the tourney can they match up? Suite 100 is a solid experience mostly because you can get good food with a pedigree at remarkably decent prices. Rarely do their entrees exceed $30, and you can get a lot of goodness for the $15 to $18 range. That's unheard of in this category, and something that is a huge advantage over everyone else (kind of like Derrick Rose or Tyreke Evans was for Memphis).

But when you get them in against the best, like two years ago against Kansas and last year against Missouri for Memphis, Suite 100 just doesn't match up well.

The Showdown: Just like what happens when Memphis and Duke typically play in the tourney, Suite 100 gets some early buzz because of the exciting nuclear upside of their location, but when you get down to it Club Paris simply out-fundamentals them. Club Paris has three huge advantages: a classic bar, one of the best lunch options on the market, and the best steak in town. Suite 100 just can't hang with that.


Anonymous said...

You really hit this one on the head man. Heavy weight vs lighter more agile menus. Consistency and dependability rule.

Sara said...

Right on! Blue cheese stuffed inside my filet? Hell yeah!

Lorna said...

But Suite 100 has one of the best caesar salads...next to Mooses Tooth.

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