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Hippie Bracket Breakdown

Friday, March 5, 2010
I once theorized that there is no better guarantee in Anchorage food than the one a staff of hippies and pseudo-hippies provides you. Odds are if you walk into a restaurant and you see a gaggle of tie-die shirt wearing beard men or girls wearing retro chic dresses and headbands, you're going to have a good eating experience.

The good news about this category is due to the burgeoning arts scene and the love of the outdoors inherent to the state, we get a bunch of high quality contenders. They range from the crown jewels of the hipster eating scene like Moose's Tooth or Middle Way Cafe to the more unheralded sleeper types like Organic Oasis or Tap Root Cafe, but they are unrelenting in their quality.

Note: Talkeetna Roadhouse would fit into this category if it weren't for it's extreme lack of being from Anchorage. Powered by it's biscuits and gravy only, it may have had enough to go all the way even


Sara said...

Amen on Talkeetna Roadhouse B&G! Killer Raspberry Walnut Pancakes, too.

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