A Slice of Fried Gold

Fancy Bracket (Round 2): (1) Simon and Seafort's vs. (4) Orso Ristorante

Thursday, March 18, 2010
Two of the absolute titans of Anchorage dining square off today, as Simon and Seafort's bring their historic greatness up against Orso Ristorante and their hip mix of the new and old classics. Who will win this battle for the ages? Let's break down the advantages each restaurant brings to the equation.

Simon and Seafort's:
  • Go to meal in the crab stuffed, macademia encrusted halibut
  • Better Happy Hour
  • Fantastic View
  • Slightly better parking situation
  • More seating (arguably)
  • More expansive menu

Orso Ristorante:
  • Better overall atmosphere
  • Less stodgy
  • Better desserts
  • Slightly better bar
  • Better wait staff (aka cuter)
The Showdown: Each restaurant brings their own advantages to the table that makes them good options for the discerning restauranteer (I may have just invented that word), but it's a simple fact to me: Simon's makes better food. While Orso is perhaps better for drinks and dessert and extremely casual meals, if I have a hankering for a damn tasty meal that only Chad Ochocinco dollars can handle, Simon's is near the top of my list.


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