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The Weekend Edition (Getting Nerdy)

Sunday, March 7, 2010

This weekend was one of the nerdiest ones of my life. For someone who is perpetually nerdy, this is quite the statement. Why was it so nerdy? See below:
  • Filming another podcast with Brandon (subscribe to our YouTube channel here!)
  • Dinner over at Cate, Darren and Eric's and watching The Box (horrible!)
  • Mellow morning/afternoon catching up on things (and reading Bayou - incredible)
  • Going over to Brandon's to plot our interview with Mouse Guard creator David Petersen
  • Mouse Guard interview going off without a hitch! Well, besides fleets of people
  • Dinner at Moose's Tooth with Colver and Brandon
  • Going to the Buck to play darts with Colver
  • Star Wars exhibit at the Anchorage Museum with Colver
  • Destroying my knee once and for all playing basketball
  • Making a tasty dinner (chicken stir fry with peanut sauce)
So, besides that second to last thing it was a very good weekend, and one that was highlighted by the nerdy experiences. I'm really enjoying filming the podcast, and getting that David Petersen interview in before next weekend's Emerald City ComiCon was a very good thing.

I have to say David and his wife Julia were two amazing people, and both Brandon and I were incredibly thankful to get our first live interview experience with such warm and wonderful people. The Captain Cook helped out as well, giving us access to their top floor to film at which was great. The only problem were the people flooding in and out, often into shot and making a racket. But I had a great time sitting down with David. I'll post the videos from it once both are up (or you can subscribe to our YouTube channel!).

After we wrapped up, we had David sign a couple books for us (one for Brandon and one for a contest winner we had at Multiversity), and I also asked him if he'd be able to doodle something for me real quick. Well, instead of doing a quick job, he actually put together an illustration of my favorite character from Mouse Guard in his new form. Lieam took over as The Black Axe in the last book, and in a way I have an illustration that represents his first appearance. I was so thankful to David for that and for the opportunity. If you have the opportunity to meet him, I highly suggest it.

I also went and checked out the Star Wars exhibit at the Anchorage Museum today, and I was immediately turned into a kid again. Seeing X-Wing models, Chewbacca's costume, and the Millennium Falcon was an experience I never even imagined getting, and I did thanks to my sister Bobbie and her awesome birthday present. Thanks so much Bobbie! Also, fun fact: they didn't tear my tickets so I'm going to go again not on a weekend so I can get the full experience. Yeah!


Bobbie said...

Glad your interview went well. You're welcome and I must say, Clever recycling of your Star Wars ticket - Enjoy the show again!

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