A Slice of Fried Gold

Fancy Bracket (Round 2): (3) Club Paris vs. (7) Mixx Grill

Thursday, March 18, 2010
We have quite the showdown today as bracket stalwart Club Paris goes up against a hot up-and-comer Mixx Grill today. While it's surprising Mixx even made it here, does it have enough firepower to unseat the great Club of the Paris? Let's find out what advantages each restaurant brings to the table.

Club Paris:
  • Best steak in town
  • They can stuff their steaks with bleu cheese if you ask (thanks Sara!)
  • Better beer
  • Awesome Rat Pack sensation if you park in the back lot
  • The place is steeped in history
  • Awesome bar
  • Crazy good lunch - filet mignon burgers! 

Mixx Grill:
  • Doesn't feel like an interrogation room
  • Better service overall
  • Better dessert
  • Occasionally really cool music 

The Showdown: As much as I enjoy Mixx Grill, it's hard to really call this a showdown. Club Paris is a contender this year like Kentucky - they systematically take their opponents to pieces and show serious pro potential while they're at it (sort of like DeMarcus Cousins and John Wall today against a lowly 16 seed). Mixx Grill, you're great, you really are. You're just no Club Paris.


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