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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

So I've been kinda busy lately. Over the last little while, I had a bunch of friends visit, a wedding to go to, dates, working longer than usual hours, much socializing, and as per usual, a significant amount of ridiculousness. Really, what else would you expect from me? However, I do want to say I promise to get back on a more regular schedule. Things are starting to settle down and I've officially decided that I'm going to use this weekend to rest and get everything back on track as the fourth of July time period really threw me out of whack.

But it's all good, there are worse things in the world than getting out of touch with your blog. Also, I just wanted to apologize really quick to someone that I wrote about long ago who discovered what I wrote and did not appreciate it. I should have thought that out and your email definitely made me think about how open of a forum this really is. I'll handle this bad boy with more care in the future.

One thing I did want to mention was how unbelievably awesome Motion City Soundtrack were when they visited the great and frequently white north. They came up with Anchorage band (and current pop punk fave) the Lives of Famous Men and were supported by local sensations the Hoons (still managing to be incredibly shocking in their ability to go from crap to awesome in a year), and both openers were excellent.

However, MCS blew them out of the water, as they played a stellar 14 song set and then followed it up with a three song encore, culminating with "the Future Freaks Me Out" from their debut album I am the Movie. Even better than that were other random things like Justin Pierre (the lead singer) taking people's hats from the front row during the set and wearing them, the out and out fist fight between two girls and a wasted guy that happened during the set (the girls win! the girls win!), and the fact that when everyone was chanting for the encore Justin came out into the crowd and yelled encore with us.

Needless to say they played one, and it rocked. Hopefully MCS spreads the word about how great Alaskan crowds can be, but if not, we at least had the great time that they shared with us last Thursday.

Motion City Soundtrack rocking Koots

Lead singer Justin Pierre trying on someone in the front rows hat

Justin from MCS yelling "Encore! Encore!" with the crowd


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Obviously, the lead singer gets into his work.

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