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The new Last.FM

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Recently, Last.FM went through some serious changes. If you haven't heard of Last.FM (which I highly doubt if you're trolling the internet for things of this sort) it is a music social networking site of sorts, but at its heart it is a tool for the music aficionado in everyone. What you do is sign up, download the scrobbling plug-in for your audio program of your choice, and from there it tracks what you listen to by artist, track, and album. Once it gets enough information, it can make cool little widgets for you, gives you recommendations, and even builds radio stations of those recommendations and your very own music.

In short...it rocks.

As I said though, it went through some serious changes that are pretty incredible. Before you could only view charts off one static date (weekly was monday to sunday, monthly was based off the last four weeks starting the previous monday, etc.) and now it updates pretty much instantly. For example, today I was on a Beatles kick at work and it already has my chart updated to have them as the second most popular band of my last week. As a person who is strangely intrigued by charting and by tracking listening habits, this pretty much makes my day/week/month/year.

Not only are there cool changes in their charting, but the actual interface is far more intuitive, much more attractive, and laid out far more intelligently. You can take tracks that you listened to and build libraries of music out of them on the site. Simply plugging in your ipod now automatically scrobbles tracks you listened to (before you had to download a second plug-in that was not exactly "user friendly").

In short, it's everything a music nut could ask for out of a site. It's shiny, it's easy to use, and it's functional as all hell, all now for the low, low price of free. What are you waiting for? Join up, and make sure you add fluke182 to be your friend.


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