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Obsessed, much?

Monday, July 14, 2008

Every once in a while I get kind of obsessed with a band. Sometimes it's something entirely new, sometimes it's something old that's new to you, and other times (far more rare) it's something you've heard before, had for a while, but all of a sudden something snaps into place and you say "holy crap! this is awesome!"

Right now? That's Hot Chip for me. These guys are rocking my world over the last few days. All three of their albums are pretty much being constantly played on my iPod at work, and once again, thanks to my mom for getting me hooked up with them. I probably would have let those albums slip by when I was working at my school's radio station in college, but she asked for them and now I'm really thankful that she did.

I thoroughly recommend checking them out if you get a chance. They are pretty awesome dancey electro pop. The song up above ("Over and Over" off 2006's The Warning) is a great example of the dance part, and is just an absolute blast of a song. Enjoy!


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