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The Wedding

Sunday, July 13, 2008

So I've been rather busy lately so I've slacked quite a bit on the ol' blog. I made a decision though, and that is to get a post up about the wedding and then everything else will fall into place after that (big posts get me anxious because they're a lot more work and take a lot more time). I made a decision about this post though, as there were a lot of different ways I could take it. My decision is this: picture blog! I'm just introducing up here, but I think the pictures themselves tell the story of the wedding fairly well. Below is a quick snippet of what stood out from the wedding:

  • Lil' Sobo gets the wedding MVP for his awesome best man speech
  • Eating dinner with your best friends parents while watching pictures being projected of you at your ridiculous best is strange and very fun
  • Sarah was an incredibly beautiful bride
  • I'm so proud of Sobo! Go Sobo!
  • Amy is definitely losing the 12/12/12 bet (she caught the bouquet)
  • Weddings are pretty much the best time ever
  • Dance floors that are at an incline and on grass while you are wearing slick shoes = bad idea
  • Music playlist > DJ every time
  • The guys and I did the Safety Dance...that's right...the Safety Dance
  • The bridesmaids were awesome
  • The groomsmen were even awesomer

Without further ado, see below for a bevy of photographic treats. We had a great time, and I can't wait to do it all over again for Erik and Katie's wedding in September.

The groomsmen/groom before the wedding

Our posse before the wedding

Kellie and I taking our walk

Sarah and her Dad during the ceremony

The wedding party toasting

Best. Picture. Ever.

Run wedding party! Run!

I am the Captain

Bringing back the hand clasp!

The first dance

Katie double fisting

Amy and her lil' buddy

Kim holding court with the Charbonneau's and Naylor's

The first bite of cake!

Colver, Lorna, Kim, Katie, and myself

Kim, Lorna, and Katie

The bouquet toss!

The cuban shuffle

The bride and her maids

Todd and Brian having a gay old time

"Dragon Bears!!!"

Amy and David: Breaking it down part 1

Amy and David: Breaking it down part 2

Amy and David: Breaking it down part 3

Amy and David: Breaking it down part 4

Erik and Sobo

"Greased lightning!"

I don't know what's going on there - the fearsome foursome

Amy apparently being entertaining

Marcuzio and myself

Sobo and Sarah making the run!

Have a good honeymoon!


Patty said...

It looks like it was wonderful and all the guys were handsome.

Erik said...

That really is the best picture ever.

Anonymous said...

I love weddings! They're such happy times! :)

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