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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Baby Seagulls - precious...but deadly

My office has had a ton of visitors lately. Due to the presence of some baby Seagulls, their parents, extended family, friends, enemies, and pretty much any other Seagull in Anchorage is now hanging out around my office. What do they do?

They spend their days amusing my boss by dive bombing any person who walks within 50 feet of their babies.

One time I was around for it, and it was pretty much the most hysterical thing I've ever seen. This guy I'd never seen was walking out wearing a full suit and carrying a briefcase (non-traditional apparel for the office, if I do say so myself) minding his own business, when two Seagulls begin alternately dive bombing him. At first he was laughing because it was bizarre, and then they got fairly close. At that point he brought out his game face and started doing some sort of variation of the Thriller dance while hissing at them as they flew by. Hilarious to my boss and I, but in no way effective. He was hounded every step of the way out to his car, probably never once understanding why this was happening to him.

However, this amusing tale has a sad ending as today one of the baby Gulls was run over by a car in our parking lot. Seriously people, keep your eyes on the prize! I hope to god that you're paying enough attention in the parking lot to be aware of your surroundings. I know they aren't exactly giants, but some basic awareness is not that much to ask for. It made me feel terrible, and really brought me down from the previous highs of the great Gull adventure of 2008. No less, there are two left so if you're ever around the Bush Company in Anchorage, Alaska may I please ask you to mind your surroundings. You never know if a baby Seagull is nearby.


Patty said...

Let me tell you about birds, there were so many dipnetting, I thought I was in the classic Hitchcock movie, The Birds.

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