A Slice of Fried Gold

The Weekend Edition

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Well, back to our regularly scheduled postings. I'll be getting back to my regular posts this week, starting with the weekend and a quick breakdown of what went down for myself this past weekend in an attempt to make it seem like I have a life outside of my computer. Anything to make that seem true.

So what went down this weekend?

  • Dinner with my mom at Villa Nova (crazy delicious Italian restaurant in Anchorage)
  • Going through Sasquatch and Sobo's wedding week pics with her after words
  • Boston's and the Office Lounge with Colver, Lorna, Kim, and Hannah (tons of fun!)
  • Snow City with my sister
  • Hitting up the 5th Avenue mall and the downtown area afterwards with my sister as well (awesome new shoes - booyah!)
  • Buying a pair of jeans and horribly regretting it - the ability to bend in jeans is a very underrated attribute to a good pair of jeans
  • Shooting a negative two at Kincaid and getting my first eagle in frisbee golf
  • Bizarre late lunch with Amy, Blake, Cate, Darren, and Eric at the Millennium Hotel
  • Walking to the downtown bars with the same crew on a nice night
  • Bar hopping with Cate, Darren, Eric, and Nick
  • Denny's at 4:30 AM with Nick and four girls (fun!)
  • Free french toast and coffee from Amy (is there anything better?)
  • Negative three and a ridiculously long birdie make at Westchester with Sharpe and Nick
  • Starting to reread Watchmen at Kaladi's

So yeah, as per usual it was a really awesome time with a lot going down. Nothing really stood out amongst everything else as something I really need to write about. The primary discovery of the weekend was how much fun it is to go out on the town with Cate and her crew, and also how great Amy's friend Blake is. He's visiting for the week and it's been great getting to know him.

These non-traditional weekend folk definitely helped the weekend have a unique feel, and the fact that it was the first weekend in seemingly forever with sunshine and blue skies definitely helped as well. Now if we could just keep that up and avoid gray days and rain for a while, I'd be very pleased. Ok Alaska?


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