A Slice of Fried Gold

The Weekend Edition

Sunday, July 27, 2008

This weekend, as per usual, was a very good one that was packed to the gills with adventure and fun. What happened this glorious (and extremely wet) Alaskan weekend?

  • Westchester with Colver, Lorna, and Nick
  • Step Brothers with Jason, Hannah, Colver, Lorna, and Nick (short review: retarded but funny, you better like Will Ferrell a lot if you're going)
  • Lunch with Kim at Sweet Basil
  • Repotting my precious Dracena with my Mom
  • Predator and Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang with Hannah
  • Wilco absolutely rocking faces at Moose's Tooth
  • Spicy Thai Chicken Pizza to go from the Tooth (mmmm)
  • Partying downtown!
  • Acting as Cate's signpost for 30 minutes
  • Amy dancing with a guitarist from Wilco (incredibly amusing)
  • Snow City with Kim, Amy, Hannah, and Jason
  • Finally catching Sigur Ros' documentary Heima

Needless to say, considering I'm a huge fan of concerts the highlight of the weekend was Wilco at the Moose's Tooth 12th Anniversary show. Hannah and I attended but many other known people were there (for example, my mom and two sisters - rocking the front like concert superstars, Hannah's sister and brother-in-law, Alex, etc. etc.) even though it was raining quite emphatically. I'm pretty much the worst Alaskan ever, so I of course wore slip on shoes, a button up, a hoodie, and a blazer...because that makes sense. However, I did have an umbrella from Hannah and part way through I honestly stopped caring.


Because Wilco rocked.

I was a bit concerned they would be somewhat boring because frankly, their music is kinda that way. However, they were absolutely incredible, sounding even better than they do recorded while jamming endlessly on some songs. Not only that, but Jeff Tweedy had fantastic rapport with the audience, they did three encores, and somehow the combination of rain and beer turned the audience into one of the best I'd ever experienced. It was a strangely friendly crowd and the music knowledge of most of the audience members was pretty stellar - there was a lot of singing along.

Hannah and I under the umbrella before the show

There were plenty of entertaining moments, like the girl who thought I was her friends son (seriously), the weird hippy couple who apparently loved Hannah and I (the girl was pinching my side constantly, it was cute and bizarre), and the strange moment where everyone in a 3 person radius heard me call Hannah by name so everyone also began referring to her by name. They did not know her.

Jeff Tweedy rocking it

All that, and they played one of my all-time favorite single song performances when they performed "A Shot in the Arm" off their album from 1999 Summerteeth. It was the first Wilco song I'd ever heard, and you better believe I belted out those vocals as loud as I could and danced like an idiot. It was absolutely incredible, just like the rest of the show.

See below for photographic evidence of said incredibleness.

Me with a Hef before the show

Hannah with the umbrella before the show

Jeff Tweedy and Amy's dance partner jamming

Kim (Hannah's sister) and Hannah during the show

Wilco rocking it during an encore


Bobbie said...

Great show! The rain wasn't THAT bad.

Patty said...

It was a wet one, but a great show, their live performance definitley beats out cd performances. Did you enjoy Heima?

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