A Slice of Fried Gold

Day 2: Bachelor Party

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Everyone at the campsite in Eklutna

To preface, in case you are in the dark here, the reason why my friends and I all gathered was to celebrate our friend Sobo's wedding. The second day of the week was spent camping up at our old favorite campsite up at Eklutna for Sobo's bachelor party. It's this awesome little spot below the face of a mountain that is about 2 miles away from the normal campsites, and it is super secluded and really cool.

From the starting point

From the mountain behind our campsite

The spot is also in the midst one of the most beautiful areas that is fairly close to Anchorage, and as you can tell from pictures we lucked out and had a really nice day to work with. The weather was stellar with barely any clouds in the sky, warm but not too warm temperatures, and most importantly no rain. With all that said, we had quite the group going out, with Erik, Sobo, Brian, Lil' Sobo (aka his brother Eric), Colver, Todd, Marc, Matt, and Chris making the venture with me.

Sobo, me, Erik, Brian, and Todd

So what exactly happened on this bachelor party? Well, generally you aren't supposed to go into details about them as they are normally fairly racy, so I won't go into too much. I'll leave it at this - it was ridiculous, it was drunken, and it was filled with a lot of fun. We all had an absolute blast and really, you can't ask for much more of a night. Well, short of girls being there, but that might have been against the rules. No less, instead of more words, observe the pictures that tell the story as much as anything.

Marc, Brian, and me

Matt and I - ridiculously awesome

Todd before the fall (Brian and my hands on his face)

Todd with his new best friend - the rock

"See...it's God's water!"

Kill me!

Marc, myself, and Colver in the morning

Peace out players!


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