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Best. Christmas Present. Ever.

Monday, December 28, 2009
As I've mentioned before, I am Facebook married to my friend Joanne Ballagh. It's a very modern thing and was mostly based around us being ridiculous and also trying to blow our friends minds via Facebook, but it has kind of stuck because we oddly like it.

While we've been friends for over a decade now, Joanne and I have an extra connection that works for us based around a movie: Pixar's Up. We saw the movie twice together in theaters and have since watched in on Blu Ray as well, and we quote the movie incessantly back and forth to each other. If you've seen it, one of the primary plot drivers is a book the main character's wife kept from childhood - her adventure book.

Well, when Joanne said she made me something for Christmas, I had no idea what it could be. She was worried I wouldn't like it, but when I opened it I immediately fell in love with it. She made me my own adventure book! It looked exactly like the one from Up and inside its pages were pictures of things we've done together along with quotes from the movie printed and pictures from the movie. The last pages were blank for me to fill in myself, which I cannot wait to do.

To say I was enthused with it is an understatement - this was without a doubt one of my favorite presents I've ever received. See below for pictures from it.

Thank you so much Joanne Ballagh. You put the Jo Lagh in Jovid Harplagh, and I love you for it my dear.


Troy Olson said...

Damn, that is ABSOLUTELY brilliant. I'm totally going to steal that idea! Bravo, I say, bravo.

Amanda said...

This is really cool

Sara said...

that's awesome!

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