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What Would I Want? Sky

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

For the past two or three days in Anchorage it has been incredibly foggy. This has led to a lot of really interesting driving situations and many, many comparisons to the terrible Thomas Jane horror movie The Mist from a couple years back (thank god this fog doesn't bring monsters from another dimension with it). It also has led to a lot of complaints, yet none from yours truly. Why?

Fog is awesome.

This low laying fog that envelopes everything you see, reducing vision to 30 feet often but awesomeness to entirely new levels...it's fantastic. It makes everything you do inherently ominous, from ominous breakfast burritos to ominous Pub Quiz to ominous driving. It gives everything a hint of foreboding and a splash of the unknown, which is something I think people need more in their lives. Well, so long as it is an innocent form of ominous like the fog brings. Not if it is the aforementioned nefarious style of fog with the murderous creatures and the transcendentally terrible conclusions.

Also, while we're at it, I wanted to share the song that I took my title from. While I don't actually desire the sky to come back right yet. It's off Animal Collective's exceptional new Fall Be Kind EP, and it's called "What Would I Want? Sky". Check it out.


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